Parish Ministries

The parish has five types of ministries: liturgy, religious education, social outreach, physical environment and fundraising. These are made up of twenty five active groups in which approximately 230 parishioners participate. Some of these ministries were established years ago, some arose out of the Welcoming Parish process, and others came into being because someone saw a need not being fulfilled and did something about it.
The people who participate in these numerous ministries are dedicated to active service - they use the gifts that God has given them along with the skills they've acquired to serve the Church, the parish, and the community.

Social Ministries


Bereavement Ministry

Coordinates the funeral services for the family, including filling out all the required forms and registers, coordinating the lectors, musicians, sacristans, and funeral home.  Consoles families in their grief and makes planning & coordination of the funeral easier for them. Contact: Open  

Homebound Ministry

Lets the homebound know people are thinking of them and informs them about what is happening in the parish. Ministers to homebound parishioners with the  Sacraments and make sure theyhave the needs and services they require. Contact: Melinda LaCaille 965-7674 or 464-1531

Youth Group

Provides a Catholic foundation to the youth and young adults as they prepare to enter the active ministry of the parish and exposes them to social outreach. Instills a sense that the young are an importantpart of the parish community and have gifts & talents to share. Contact: Anna Manalo 756-3028

Christmas Giving Tree

Provides foodand gifts for families in need at Christmas time. Makes the Christmas season a little brighter for our community. Contact: open

Food Pantry 

Provides emergency food supplies on a regular basis to those in need in our community Answers Jesus' call to feed the hungry. Contact: Giselle Mcguire 965-8202.

Liturgical Ministries

Sacristans & Altar Servers

Prepare the necessary items for Mass and other liturgical celebrations and serves at the altar with reverence. Contact: Open


Assist the priest by answering Jesus' call to be proclaimers of the Word. Are effective witnesses to the word of God and examples of Christian commitment. Contact: Nancy Robbins 965.00133

Music Ministry

Makes the liturgical prayer of the parish more alive and fervent so that everyone will raise their voices together as one to praise God more powerfully, intently, and effectively. Makes the liturgical celebrations more meaningful and prayerful for all participants. Contacts: Debra Bulosan 966-6306 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

When necessary, assist the priest with the distribution of the precious Body and Blood in a humble and reverent manner during the Communion and take Holy Communion to the Homebound. Contact: Tessie Hernando 808.938.7242

Greeters and Commentators

Provide the warmth of aloha to our parishioners and visitors. Create an atmosphere of belonging & family. Contact: 



Create a visually beautiful and prayerful setting for liturgical services, express the holiness of liturgical celebrations and foster the dignity of the sacred space. Contact: Open

Church Cleaners

Maintain the cleanliness of the church. Contact: Bernice Walker 965-8202

Education Ministries

Religious Education

Provides religious education for children and youth of the parish, grades K-12. Provides a firm foundation for a full sacramental life, knowledge of the faith, and how to live as a Catholic. Contact: Maila Naiga 965-8202 

Baptism Class

Enhances the parents' and godparents' understanding of Baptism as a Sacrament of Initiation into the life of the Church. Has the parents and godparents actively participate in the church to raise their child in the faith. Contact:  Bernice Walker 965-8202 

 Rite of  Christian  Initiation for Adults

Facilitates conversion of the catechumens and candidates into the Catholic faith. Empowers the catechumens and candidates to live and witness to the Catholic faith and fully participate in the parish family life. Contact:  Bill Cesaletti 982-6974 

 Adult  Faith Formation &  Women's  Bible Study

Provides opportunities for adults to grow in their faith, be more familiar with Sacred Scriptures and the teachings of the Church. Helps them better understand and defend their beliefs and find ways of putting them into action.

Womens' Bible Study

Contact: Nancy Robbins 965-0133

Parish Councils

Stewardship Council  

Awaken parishioners to Christ's call to discipleship through gratitude for all the gifts God has bestowed on us and encourage them to share their time, talent and treasure for the good of our Church and local community.  Contact: Jan Malinowski 982- 9531


 Pastoral Council

Advises the pastor in making decisions concerning issues of the parish.  Contact: Open

Finance CouncilOversees the parish budget and fundraising and ensures sound financial management of parish resources.

Contact: Maxine Ibarra, 965.8202

Fundraising  Committee

Raises money outside of the standard Sunday collection that can be used for a number of parish needs, through such activities as Santa Cruzan & Christmas Fair.

Contact: Bernice Walker 965-8202

Physical Ministries /More Ministries


Hospitality/Aloha Ministry 

 Facilitates social events in the parish by planning the programs & meals for various functions. Offers hospitality and aloha to all the community who attend our parish functions. Contact: Bernice Walker 965-8202 

Physical Environment

Provides scheduled inspections and routine maintenance of the buildings and property. Identifies problems and ensures buildings and systems are in the best possible condition. Develops a repair and replace plan to minimize unforeseen expensive repairs. 

Prayer Ministry

Prays for the sick and dead and those in need of God's comfort and strength.  Contact: Open

Knights of Columbus

Promote principles of charity, unity and fraternity. Render mutual aid and financial assistance to the sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Promote social and intellectual fellowship through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. Contact:  Open


Money Counters & Office Assistants 

Count offertory & special collections in a business-like manner so that all offerings are correctly counted,
tallied, recorded and deposited. Assist with parishrecord keeping and efficient office function. Money
Counters Contact: Nancy Robbins 965-0133 or   Office Assts.  Contact: Bernice


Seniors Being Hungry is a Nationwide Epidemic

Nearly one in every six seniors in America faces the threat of hunger and not being properly nourished. This applies to those who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from and those who don’t have access to the healthiest possible food options. The issue is severe enough that the AARP reports that seniors face a healthcare bill of more than $130 billion every year due to medical issues stemming from senior hunger.